‘We’ Destroy

We destroy our beautiful world, earth; we destroy it everyday.
We pollute, contaminate; and we kill life in everyway.
We litter, build; we love to mass-produce.
We educe, introduce; therefore, Mother Nature we reduce.

We build machines, contraptions; we love to become a little ‘lazier.’
We don’t take in, or comprehend; that we’re not making life any easier.
We relieve one stress, one strain; yet by doing so we create two more.
We counteract what we do; we need; ruin increases, and life’s energy we pour.

We still try to search for peace, tranquility; we think by indulging we’ll fill that void.
We indulge in expansion, extension; so killing and harm we do not avoid.’
We are destroying our happiness, contentment; we have created this ‘appliance reliance.’
We are destroying our bodies, our wellbeing; and to our ‘active nature’ we show defiance!

We make facets of our lives painless, effortless; “But we are only cheating ourselves.”
We have become an obese, unhappy people; we are damaging our tangible selves.
We continually expand, develop; we like to ‘connect concrete’ and streets.
We continually destroy fields, pastures; the beauty of life… we cheat!

We cut through mountains, Valleys; we build freeways and tunnels.
We destroy rainforests, nature; through beauty we runnel.
We dig up beaches, reefs; we destroy our ocean.
We build resorts, casinos; too our environment we show no devotion.

We dig deep holes, craters; our precious land we smash and bash.
We throw away, yet rarely recycle; we keep filling our lands with garbage and trash!
We get so greedy with oil, money; we do not care about youth’s fallout.
We would rather kill, destroy; so the next generation we maybe without.

We have to think; ban; we have to recognize, and understand.
We have too interlink, stand; we must realize, and plan.
We must gain knowledge, power; we must lose our greed.
We must gain insight, strength; and to knowledge we must feed.

We have to save our world, our home; we must preserve ‘our’ and ‘its’ health.
We have to save our families, our children; we must know ‘their importance’… over wealth!
We have to identify, graspwe must say: “What is money without our… Globe.”
We have to choose, desirewe must say: “Where is life, if better ways we do not probe?”

We need to change our conduct, our habits; we need to learn from life’s demise.
We need to study, we must revise; and get away from destruction’s rise.
We need to stop evil’s damage, devastation; from our wicked desires we must turn.
We need to get back in touch and in contact; to our savior ‘Jesus’we must return!”




Educe: Draw out…
Facets: Aspects, Parts, Issues…

Runnel: Groove, Channel…

‘Connect Concrete:’ A term for building and expanding onto something…
Ban: Forbid, Outlaw, Prohibit…
Probe: Explore, Investigate, Search…
Demise: Failure, Downfall…
Revise: Change, Correct, Improve…